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Consulting Services


We have enough experts in different fields empaneled& ready to provide turnkey solutions of any subject (Conceptualization, 360 degree marketing plan, sales plan, brands, product launches, go to market strategy, ROI analysis etc.). The ‘Dropin’ team has “end-to-end” competencies, allowing us to identify the right opportunities for our clients and create the right solutions, with economies of scale and efficiency. Whether our clients utilize these services individually, or together as a total solution, we work to ensure that programs generate measurable results and demonstrate the maximum return on investment.

We are consultants with a twist and believe in partnering with our clients. We work in the capacity of management consultants with all our clients and offer a host of specialized solutions in the area of sales operations, strategy development, processes management and turnkey implementation of solutions. All the solutions are customized to the client’s unique business requirements & thoroughly researched in the prevalent market environment. Some of our services include:

  1. Customized retail mapping
  2. Infrastructure creation (Distributor & CFA appointment)
  3. Product launches
  4. Go to market strategy
  5. Brand track – progress, life cycle & way forward
  6. Corporate training (Sales, team building, motivational etc.)
  7. Customized market research &sales solutions.
  8. Loyalty programs handling
  9. Creating Sales process.
  10. Merchandising solutions & audits.
  11. Manpower recruitment.


What makes us different from the run of the mill management consultants mushroomed all over the country…….our unique in house database & analytics which is almost extremely difficult for others to replicate. We are an organization here to stay and much more stable than any individual. We are cost effective and believe in providing value for money with whosoever we are associated with.




OISPL IN MT(Organized retail)

OISPL has been instrumental in launching many a brand’s in MT very successfully. This
includes a 360 degree approach in planning and execution. Please find mentioned below
couple of success stories

Shekhani Industries, Ahmadabad Wonder wings Sanitary Napkins


Shekhani industries launched a sanitary napkins brand by the name of ‘Wonder Wings’ in 2016. OISPL was hired in 2017 to make the entire launch plan and execute it. In 6 months ‘Wonder Wings’ was in 75 towns in North, West & East India. After a successful launch in GT Shekhani reached a TO of Rs. 8 cr. Entirely spearheaded by OISPL reporting to the board Shekhani reached a TO of 18 Cr in 2 years of retail operations. OISPL drew a 3 year plan of manpower, sales, distribution objectives &sku assortment etc. And executed it to absolute success.

Next OISPL planned and spearheaded the MT launch of ‘Wonder Wings. Launching in 3 top chains to start with (Reliance, Big Bazar & Vishal retaIl) right from negotiations at respective HQ’s for registration to store wise planning to hiring manpower to planning visibility backed by a solid off take plan, OISPL dis it all. After 2 years of operation Wonder rise (Name changed) is present in approx. 800 MT stores across the country with a TO of 20 cr.

A pure success story taking an organization from 0 to approx. 60 Cr. In 3 years.


  Agro Global Resources, Noida – WaggaWagga oil


Agro global launched high quality chemical free, non GM seed & zero environmental pollution edible oil brand  ‘WaggaWagga’ in collaboration with  Raviana oil the Australian oil giant. OISPL was hired to plan and executed a PAN India MT launch in all leading chains (Big bazar, Reliance, ABRL, Food world, Max hyper). In 6 months Waggawagga was available on 1200 outlets across India. Again it was an 360 degree operation from planning to on the shelf availability (Manpower recruitment, Chain registration, Distributor appointment, store /DC coordination etc.). Post that a massive offtake initiative was also launched and supervised. WaggaWagga achieved a TO of Rs. 15 cr in the first year of operation being a premium high-end category product.

OISPL not only plans and executes on a 360 degree basis but also undertakes off-take initiatives thru its team of promoters & merchandised. OISPL was also the chosen partner for manpower outsourcing for many and also had the entire MT field force for both the companies on its payrolls.



VLCC – Specifix Professional (Salon products Div.)


The division was in constant losses and showing de-growth for a couple of years in-spite of all efforts of the company. OISPL was hired in 2015-16 to streamline the whole business and turn it around in a years’ time. OISPL led by Rajulchaturvedi a salon business expert re-designed the entire strategy, streamlined range, initiates new product development, recruited people, launched new territories and emphasised heave technical training support and team in place. In the first 6 months results started showing and territories new and old started showing turnaround.

From a negative 2 cr.the previous year, the Specifixdivision made a TO of 8 cr in the first year of OISPL association. Initiatives continued and the division not only stabilized but achieved a TO of 16 Cr. in 2 years of association. Areas were stable, product sales were growing, new products were being introduced and the most important the division turned break even.


    Temptu Air brush India


Approached by the director’s in 2015 – 16 to strengthen and re- organize the Temptu launch in India. Conceived & let by RajulChaturvedi a special drive to create 1000 trained salon individuals in 6 months was launched. This turned the tables around and in anyears’ timeTemptu was leading the usage of air brush make up in India. Almost 20000 air brush units were sold in this year owing to this initiative, almost 4 times more than the last 2 years of launching put together.


  International Assignments – India distributor appointment


  1. Sauvinex, Spain, Child care products
  2. ASP Luxury Haircare, (Affinage), UK
  3. Edgewell Personal care, USA (For Banana Boat range)
  4. SPC, Switzerland, High end anti-ageing products
  5. Craft, Japan, Cutting edge scalp care products



ShekhaniIndustries ,Ahemedabad- Wonder wings Sanitary napkins



Shekhani industries launched a sanitary napkins brand by the name of ‘Wonder Wings’ in 2016. OISPL spearheaded by RajulChaturvedi ,was hired in 2017 to make the entire launch plan and execute it. A 3 year plan was made and an almost all India launch (Barring South) was executed to great success. In 6 months ‘Wonder Wings’ was in 75 towns in North, West & East India in approx. 40,000 outlets.  The first year saw a TO of 6.5 Cr. against a planned 5 Cr.

The second year saw an expansion with a revised range and 120 towns were achieved generating a TO of Rs. 15 Cr. The company also launched MT in this year and firmly established itself in the Indian personal hygiene space.

OISPL played a key role in implementing an app based sales force reporting system bringing tremendous efficiency in reporting, analysis and market execution of plans.

Today Shekhani industries is doing a TO in access of Rs. 50 cr and is a known player amongst giants.


Inner Being Wellness, Hyderabad- Millet based healthy products



Inner being a start up in millet based health products engaged OISPL in 2018. OISPL drew the 3 year plan and after approval of the board launched Mumbai. The products in 3 months had reached 400 top outlets of Mumbai and the launch was a much talked off affair due to it’s high visibility placement, extensive sampling and consumer contact programmes in outlet.  In the first 6 months the brand had attained a base of 10 distributors serving 400 plus hop self serving stores in Mumbai. Next six months saw launches in Bengaluru & Delhi NCR., taking the total tally to an impressive 1500 outlets, 23 distributors & 3 super stockist  in 3 major metros.


  Sarathi International, Bengaluru



An established domestic & international player in the incense stick market, Sarathi International approached OISPL to initiate creation of an organized traditional trade infrastructure for them as they were mostly operating thru established wholesellers across India. OISPL planned and initiated a pilot project in North India and within 3 months of operation launched huge states like Delhi / NCR, Punjab & UP. In next 6 month’s Sarathiagarbattis were selling in 3 states with 30 distributors, 3 superstockist and approx. 15000 outlets.


 Hans Herbal Overseas


An over 25 years established player in herbal cosmetics, hired OISPL to steram operations, strengthen distributor network and implement process & systems for growth. OISPL re-arranged manpower, trained them, appointed new distributors, launched new areas. OISPL also initiated NPD development and range re-alignment which proved to be a game changer for Hans Herbal.


Retail Connect Programms

Walt Disney India


Designed a massive National retail connect program along with the Walt Disney India team. The purpose was to bring retailers & distributors on a single platform to connect to all licensee vendors of Walt Disney. In this massive drive spread over all leading metros in India and estimated 10,000 retailers & distributors were brought in to connect to various licensed vendors, opening doors for them to establish themselves and be known on a broader platform. OISPL has to its credit of finding them in each city, connecting with them and bringing them to Walt Disney Licence vendor to generate a jump in retailer base and sales. A 3 day connect event was conducted in each metro for retailers & distributors to meet the license vendors and sign agreements, place orders etc.

It was a unique initiative successfully executed by OISPL which Walt Disney adopted as a model to be replicated at other places. In a special letter Walt Disney India appreciated OISPL for this feat of sorts.


Other clients




We believe in ‘YOUR PROFITABLE GROWTH’& hence partnering with you for long term association…………….just give us a try