India Geographical information


 India is a big country & complex in many ways of doing business. A big section of the trade is unorganized and companies need a lot of money and time to get it right. Infrastructure creation is still a challenge and logistics is a humongous uphill task. Although a lot of information is available on the internet and we at ‘Dropin’ can provide you some simple information free of cost to plan your business as mentioned below.

  1. States & Union territories
  2. Towns and cities
  3. Districts / Talukas
  4. Outlet universe
  5. Category outlet universe

Do write to us for free consultation an anything that you need to know on this subject. We can help you plan your sales & distribution.

However in addition to the above free information we specialize in the below mentioned data fields that we have collected and maintained for new and established companies. You can have the information for a a very reasonable cost compared to any big established data MNC.

We are your last mile connect….

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