General (Traditional )Trade data



India is a complex web of millions of outlets known as the Indian traditional trade.  A distinct market like no other, it is all at the same time, unorganized, complex, integrated, dense and intense, aggressive and growing at a very rapid pace.  Traditional distribution is alive & kicking in India and is growing stronger by the day. It has taken even giants like HLL, P&G, Nestle, Gillette, Cadbury’s, Colgate etc. to study, understand / reinvent their strategy& adopt time and again for the Indian market.

A one of its kind retail universe of 1 lac plus outlets for FMCG sector in India spread across the length & breadth of the country (to start with). The database is extensive like no other and can be searched / downloaded as per below mentioned assortment:

  1. Grocer
  2. General Merchant
  3. Supermarket (Self serving stores)
  4. Departmental stores
  5. Wholesale
  6. Chemist
  7. Beauty & Cosmetics
  8. Bakery& many more……..

The uniqueness of the data is that it can be obtained with some never before details Differentiating us from other established players and big data companies too:

  1. Complete classification A class & B class
  2. Complete categorization (Grocer, GM, Supermarket, departmental store etc.)
  3. Complete postal address
  4. Outlets area wise (Sq ft.)
  5. Display space wise
  6. Outlets with deep freezers
  7. Outlets with manned cosmetic counters
  8. Area wise
  9. Town wise
  10. State wise
  11. Pin code wise

The data is mined / combed by FMCG experts who have spent minimum 10 to 15 years in hard core field sales with top notch multinationals & Indian companies in the said city doing the same thing day in day out. The data is refreshed at regular intervals to keep it fresh & updated.

This ready to use data base can be an ideal platform for:

  1. New organizations
  2. Organizations launching new products
  3. Market study for new launches.
  4. Category assessment
  5. Brand tracking
  6. Distribution mapping
  7. Gap in distribution

Apart from this there are tailor made packages available for different market studies / surveys etc. that one can avail thru our consultation team.


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