Salon (Professional) data


The 10,000 cr Indian salon industry is largely unorganized with only around 2,500 crores forming the organized segment. But the organized segment is expected to grow at a much higher rate of 30% compared to the unorganized segment which is expected to grow at a rate less than 20%.

With more than 1.2 billion people in India, the average per person annual spending on salons is still quite low (only Rs.80) per year compared to the global average of around Rs 13340, in the US, Rs. 580 in China, and Rs. 1740 in Malaysia.

What’s driving growth in the salon industry?

  • Growing purchasing power of the Indian middle class
  • Increased spending on lifestyle needs
  • Favorable demographic age profile
  • Swelling urban population
  • Increasing awareness of grooming among men
  • Availability of world class product brands

How salons are differentiatingthemselves?

  • Brand strengthening by offering unique propositions
  • Product and service range which provide an experience rather than just a ‘haircut’
  • Location and reach targeting the right spenders; malls have become a focus area
  • Presence of back-end training academy to tackle shortage of skilled and trained talent
  • Increasing presence and being available all over.

The industry in now not looking south and every year we see more and more corporate joining the growth bandwagon. This all is leading to a big timeeffort in increasing the organized industry. It is only logical to now have some kind of a database to understand the industry and it’s coverage better.

We present to you a first time database of the over 5000 top salons in India in great details as under :

  1. Salon type
  2. Salon class
  3. Salon area
  4. Services offered
  5. No of Chairs
  6. Brands association
  7. Special services


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