C&FA data


Having said so much about the distribution network what comes before it is the carrying & forwarding agents (C&FA’s) who are the stepping stone to traditional distribution for any organization. A sound C&FA network is the first step to a successful distribution network for any organization. A C&FA is the one who generally takes care of the complexities of logistics, infrastructure, manpower, sales records, dispatched, Inventory management & most important of all legal compliances for the state for the organization. A good C&FA found in time is work half done for any organization.

This is the only of its kind absolutely authentic data on existing 100 plus C&FA network in all possible given Indian town, city or state. There are very few ( in fact non exist) platforms available which provide such comprehensive & detailed data on a single platform. The data can be seen in various / multiple combinations as below :

  1. Company wise
  2. Infrastructure wise
  3. Logistics wise
  4. Area handled (sq ft wise)
  5. State wise

This will help analyze the distribution blue print of organizations / categories / logistics & infrastructure distribution networks. It will also help in studying the distribution channel & delivery patterns, intra state, within the state & local metros. The amount of time, money & effort that one will save has to be experienced.

This section will also give organizations & individuals access to a C&FA & Super stockiest data base looking to expand business alongwith giving opportunities to the C&FA’s / super distributors to interact with possible new clients. This information also comes from the horses mouth itself with distributors registering themselves for it.


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Super stockiest data



India being the country it is, no simple or single infrastructure Formulae will work. Whereas the distributor & C&FA being the traditional and tried and tested route to traditional distribution way, there has to be a way to get to the masses apart from the main towns. With the action shifting to tier 2 & tier 3 town super distributor’s play a key role. These are the people who help reach towns where direct coverage and distribution is not possible.

We believe that they are significant contributors to the business by way of coverage rural and other indirect coverage towns & routes. We present to you a unique database of over 100 such super stockist situated at strategic locations all over India. We present to you this crucial link in distribution with details mentioned below :

  1. Company wise
  2. Category wise ( Food / Non food)
  3. Volume handled
  4. Area handled (villages & routes)
  5. State wise
  6. Infrastructure wise

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