What We Do ?


We collect& maintain an extensive & exhaustive All India general trade databasealso known asIndiantraditional trade. The database is with never before finer details about the outlet such as Class, Type, categories sold, outlet area, display area, freezers installed etc.thus catering to wide sections of the Indian FMCG industry. The ever evolving data base is constantly updated and can be verified at any given point of time.

We also maintain an extensive & detailed ALL India channel partner databasewhich constitutes of Distributors, CFA’s, Super distributors, large format distributors, importers etc. with finer details like Firm type, companies held, area held etc. The data base is constantly added &updated with fresh information regularly and can be tested at any given point of time.

We have to our credit of procuring,assembling & maintaining an FMCG sku database content support to some of the best FMCG e comm & POS system companies and numerous start up’s in India. We cover all categories in FMCG sector (Food, nonfood, cosmetics, OTC Pharma) and not only provide the database complete with product name, company name, MRP, weight, BAR codes & pics but also add qualitative inputs like category, sub category, family, HSN Code, tax etc. We also support our clients with updated data (new products, new barcodes, new packs, offer stocks etc.) at their desired intervals by way of an annual maintenance contract (AMC) to support their services. In fact we can easily claim that we are the only one’s in India doing this in an organized way.

We provide analytical solutions to anybody who approaches us for organization strategy, sales solutions and implementation of specific plans. The analytics is three dimensional 1) Your data, 2) Our data 3) Project based customized data. We analyze data and provide solutions based on all the three dimensions. We also docustomized data procurement projects creating & collecting data especially for you.

Finally indulging in the above gives a natural transition into providing consulting servicesto organizations such as Brand launch, product launch,sales management, infra creation, marketing strategy, merchandising solutions, training etc.)in the field of FMCG, Salon business (Professional hair dressing & beauty) & Garments (plus accessories). We consult to some of the best brands in the country and internationally also.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the mentioned fields and hasspearheaded some prominent turnarounds with fortune 500 MNC’s & Indian organization spread over many years.We may be new but definitely unique in our own sense& what we do. We take great pride in the market data&services that we provide and will keep adding feathers to our market sojourns.