Why Dropin ?

Indian market is unorganized, vast, cumbersome, complex and yet very dynamic unlike the west which is more organized and defined. We cover diverse yet deeply connected segments of traditional trade outlets, channel partners and the crucial logistics partners. This combination of the entire infrastructure enables any entrant to a ready platform for the launch of its products in the Indian market. This is what takes organizations millions to create and years to master. Here we have it with all the insights that any organization would wants and in any detail.

But Why us ?

We are a very different& unique from what is available all over the net. Try finding real time data for any market in India and we are quite sure that no one will be able to provide it to u, leave alone in such an organized way. Be it general trade outlets also known as traditional Indian trade outlets or FMCG distributors or CFA’s or super stockiest in the country, chances are that you will have to search a thousand websites for a handful of names and 80% information out of that will either be irrelevant or may not help you at all.

Still why ?

We are a complete, one of its kind ‘real time data’ company in India. This means, we comb the Indian markets and dig out data on all outlets selling FMCG products (grocery, cosmetics, bakery, stationary & medicine etc.) &salons, garments &accessories. We also collect information on channel partners i.e. distributors, CFA & super stockiest. The information available is extremely crucial for any kind of market planning and especially for much focused coverage and distribution. The information is collected by veterans in the FMCG, Salon & Garment fields. Mostly in markets that they have worked for years& know it like the back of their hand, lending a great level of accuracy &reliability on the entire data. Moreover the data collected by these veterans is further classified, categorized & segmented by them for multiple usages. The information can be used by large organizations, new organizations, small & medium enterprises, importers as well as individuals.

In addition….

We also combine the most crucial market data part with analytics and also convert it into meaningful solutions for all. The information that we maintain is focused, detailed and real time. This sets us apart from the crowd of organizations which are into mostly research data, market trends, market share etc. created out of extrapolated samples carved out of a handful of outlets in selected towns / cities. We cover it in whole &in its original format, in detail & depth all over the country. We can easily challenge any leader in the width of our operations depth and data quality.


We have the data, we have the capabilities to analyze and we have the talent to suggest solutions based on this. Hence, as a natural progression we also offer specialized 360 degree consultation to our clients. We customize anything for you, try us with the most absurd project that the so called big guns will not do for you and see for yourself. We have experts in related field (FMCG, Salon & Garments) who have spent a lifetime to master the market and learn it’s tricks, they can hardly go wrong.

So you can you decide who can give you the data, analyze it for u and also provide consulting solutions at the same time.