FMCG SKU database


We are in the times of internet and everything is now on our fingertips thru a mobile. Shopping is easier than before and you can order anything thru the internet. The most essential grocery shopping is taking a new shape and you no longer need to visit the local baniya for anything, everything now can be ordered thu an app in your mobile. Similarly,grocers are now turning tech savvy and looking for efficient ways to manage inventory and billing accuracy. They are adopting modern techniques for billing and inventory management to make the experience wonderful for their customer.


We have to our credit the uniqueness of procuring, assembling & maintaining acomprehensive FMCG sku database contentfor support to some of the best FMCG e comm & POS system companies and numerous start up’s in India. We cover all categories in FMCG sector (Food, nonfood, cosmetics, OTC Pharma) and provide the database complete with the below mentioned :


  1. Product name,
  2. Product company name,
  3. Brand name
  4. Product MRP,
  5. Productweight,
  6. ProductBAR codes
  7. Product pics
  8. Product HSN Code,
  9. Product tax
  10. FSSAI no (For food products)


Also we add qualitative inputs like category, sub category, family, due to our expertise into the FMCG domain.


The data needs constant filtering and addition / deletion very frequently keeping it relevant for the current day. Hence, we also support our clients with updated data (new products, new barcodes, new packs, offer stocks etc.) at their desired intervals by way of an annual maintenance contract (AMC) to support their services. In fact we can easily claim that we are the only one’s in India doing this in an organized way.