Distributor data


A product is 20% of the story, the rest 80% is about distribution process. All said and done India is a difficult and very large and complex market place. A majority part of the cost by any company is spent on understanding & then identifying the channel partners & establishing the complex distribution network.

This is the only of its kind absolutely authentic database of 10000 plus existing distributors & the national distribution network in any given Indian town, city or state. There are very few ( in fact non-existing) platforms available which provide such comprehensive & detailed data on a single platform. The data can be seen in various / multiple combinations as below :

  1. Company wise
  2. Category wise ( Food / Non food / Beauty & cosmetics)
  3. Trade wise ( General trade / Modern Trade)
  4. Area managed (sq ft wise)
  5. State wise
  6. Infrastructure wise
  7. Manpower status

This will help analyze the distribution blue print of organizations / categories / logistics & authenticity of distribution networks. It will also help in studying the distribution channel & delivery patterns. The amount of time, money & effort that one will save has to be experienced.

There are enough business & distribution opportunities lying untapped as there is no platform to connect people looking to expand their horizons of business and organizations looking for such business houses.

We are your last mile connect….